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Setting of KCE society w.r.t. Khandesh Region along with Nation and state:
The terms "Khandesh" and "Deccan" thus connote historical and political affiliations, as well as geographical zones. Khandesh lies on the Northwestern corner of the Deccan plateau, in the valley of the Tapti River, and is bound to the north by the Satpura Range, to the east by the Berar (Vidarbha) region, to the south by the Hills of Ajanta, belonging to the Marathwada region of Maharashtra, and to the west by the northernmost ranges of the Western Ghats.

Khandesh is a region of central India, which forms the northwestern portion of Maharashtra state. Khandesh region comprising the area of the today's Jalgaon, Dhule, Nandurbar districts of Maharashtra state and Brhanpur district of Madhya Pradesh state.

KCE Society’s lush green Campus spreads over 25 acres of land which now has already became the most prominent landmark and potential for the region as well as for the city of Jalgaon. Being located in the heart of the city of Jalgaon Campus offers a overall conducive environment for the all round development of the educational activities.

KCE Society has long been a leader & innovator in professional education. Since its inception, it has developed into excellent academic Society that is totally committed towards human resources development & social welfare through 22 different institutes spread in the heart of Jalgaon City.

Today, Khandesh College Education Society is an eminent educational Society in Maharashtra with 25 acres of land and thousands of square feet of buildings and facilities with combined student strength of 16000+ students.

Details of existing infrastructure available in M. J. College:
The college has various departments which are having separate buildings and upto date infrastructure as on today.

Sr. No Department Building Area in Sq.M
01 Main building G+2 2747.35
02 Commerce Building G+2 1477.63
03 Chemistry building G+1 436.34
04 UG/PG building G+1 862.79
05 Geography building G+1 322.25
06 Humanities building G 1061.62
07 Library building G+M 891.30
08 Canteen G 63.17
09 Mess Block G 248.51
10 Boys hostel G+2 700.00
11 Girls Hostel G+1 685.75
12 Rector Bungalow G 60.00

New infrastructure created at M.J. College Campus:

1. Swimming Pool:

8 lane Olympic size swimming pool has been newly constructed in the college campus at Eklavya Krida Sankul over the 4235.00 sq.m area of size 25.00 x 50.00 m to enhance the sports activities in the campus area s as to get all-round development of the students. In the same premises of swimming pool collge has also constructed the baby pool and kids pool of size 6.0 x 12.0 m to cater the needs of children from the associated schools and surrounding areas. Additionally sports premises also facilitated with leisure activities like steam bath and Jacuzzi facility.

2. Indoor Shooting Range:

A ground + 4 fllors RCC building has been newly constructed at the college campus to provide extensional facilities of sports activities like Inddor shooting range and unisex gymnasium halls and allied activities. Area covered under this building is approximately 1200.00 sq.m.

3. Science Building:

This is the purely academic block of 4 floor building constructed in the college premises accommodating the various departments of the college like Geography department, Computer Department, Statistics department and top floor for PG science faculty smart classrooms.
Total b/up area for the science building is upto 2800.00 sq.m

4. B.Voc Building:

Old block is completely modified and renovated to create the laboratory facilities to experiment the green house technology activities. Simultaneously poly house with exclusive material has been constructed over the terrace of the building for the special purpose of crops cultivation equipped with all modern activities like high [power exhaust fans, defoggers, sprinklers and sensors installed with computerized monitoring system. Area measures upto 1800.00 sq.m

5. Library Mezzanine floor:

A special mezzanine floor od size 230.00 sq.m in the present library reading hall has been erected to cater the need of students of the college for round the clock reading and study purpose. It is equipped with all the furniture and facilities for reading and silent zone studying.

6. PG Building:

Renovation and modification work to existing laboratories.

7. Animal House:

A complete new construction for the purpose of storage of animals used in experiments with all hygienic and preventive treatments.

8. Yoga and Naturopathy centre:

College has constructed a Separate wing for the promotion of Yogic science and related activities. A dedicated infrastructure for daily work out classrooms and naturopathy treatments also been created with all modern facilities and equipments.

Principal's Desk

Welcome to one of the most progressive and innovative colleges in India. Moolji Jaitha College, Jalgaon (Maharashtra) is one of the premier academic institutions, committed to achieve the highest academic standards. At this historic juncture, the college is marching towards its Diamond Jubilee, beginning from 2019. The college is a recipient of the ‘College of Excellence’ of the University Grants Commission and a ‘Star college’ status by Department of Biotechnology, Govt. of India and has successfully completed two cycles of NAAC receiving one of the top scores with ‘A+’ grade.

Way back in 1944, visionaries from Khandesh, with educational foresight and deep concern for the educational welfare of the students, decided to establish Khandesh College Education Society (KCES). As its first institution, the Moolji Jaitha College was set up in 1945. Since then, it has been a long journey, through almost 72 years, during which practising the policy of ‘self renewal’, the college has vibrantly moved upward by adding various graduate, post-graduate and doctoral courses. The need of the hour is ‘skill-based courses’ and this institute has rightly initiated the course like ‘B. Voc.’ as an innovation in the academic programmes.

The visionary leadership of Pradnyavant Mr. Nandkumar Bendale (President, KCES) is the main driving force behind our entire educational movement. All along these years, we have been marching towards newer and higher academic goals by leaps and bounds. Today, the M. J. College is committed to offer the best in education and provide individual attention to every student.

Today, Moolji Jaitha college offers various courses affiliated to the North Maharashtra University. This college has blossomed into a centre of excellence, carving out a niche for itself on the academic map of Maharashtra. The apt guidance from the KCE’s management and visionary leadership of its President, Pradnyavant Dadasaheb Bendale, the institution is well set to transform it students towards educational, cultural, physical and spiritual excellence.

The college, located on a spacious and green 29 acre campus in the heart of the Jalgaon city, comprises of State-of-the-Art buildings, two sprawling sports grounds, a world class swimming pool, an indoor shooting range and other academic and administrative infrastructure which is manned by an efficient staff. This environment meaningfully supports the best quality academic programmes, at undergraduate and post graduate levels, that are offered in the three main faculties of Arts, Science and Commerce.

The responsibility of formal academics is very competently carried out by a highly qualified staff and is beautifully complemented by the varied co-curricular and extra-curricular activities that help nurture the all round personality of our students.

The spread of MJ’s Alumni all over the globe, occupying seminal positions in government, corporate, academics, sports, culture, social work, etc., is a testimony to the versatile responsive human resource that this college has helped to cultivate.

The college has geared up to incorporate new opportunities in the field of education, research, sports and cultural activities. Besides organising seminars, conferences and guest lectures to keep abreast of the latest in the world of industry and trade, the college also takes care of student progression by collaborating with well known institutions and companies for research and recruitment. The college has also entered into Memorandums of Understanding and collaborations with foreign universities.

I, humbly appeal one and all to work jointly with all the enthusiasm and gusto and take Moolji Jaitha college towards national and international standards.

I invite all the stakeholders – students, teaching and non teaching staff, parents, retired teachers, alumni, well wishers and everyone in the society, at large, to join us in making of our academic celebrations a memorable one!

Prin. Dr. S. N. Bharambe


Moolji Jaitha College is one of the premier academic institutions, having junior and senior wings, with arts, science, commerce and management streams. The institution is committed to achieve the highest academic standards and provides an opportunity to the students to choose and enroll in programmes that are best suited to them. It is well known for its educational, cultural, social and spiritual enterprises. As a result, the college has been conferred with the status of ‘College of Excellence’ by UGC and ‘Star college’ by Ministry of Science and Technology.

We believe that in the present competitive environment, only the fittest will survive. With the help of Dnyanjyot Institution, we provide in-house training for MPSC , UPSC and other competitive examinations. Since 2015, our college has initiated two dream projects, ‘Sports Talent Search’ and “Art Talent Search, to identify talented students in and around Jalgaon district and nurture them to rise at national and international horizons. Therefore, our mission is to impart quality education to our students with a global vision and holistic perspective.

Our Vision

“To be a pre-eminent educational institution that prepares students from diverse backgrounds for productive careers by providing them with a student-centered, practically focused quality learning experience.”


Excellence in core mission activities of teaching and service will continue to be the primary focus.

Future development will be built on our strength in the academic disciplines, providing innovative responses to critical needs and making cost effective use of our resources.

The focus area will be courses that bring values to the students from diverse fields.

We will undertake innovative multidisciplinary initiatives in order to strengthen its contributions to instructions and public services. These activities will be selected because they promise to result in unique opportunities for us and are of great social significance.

We are engaged in a process of inter-nationalization of the curriculum that will yield exciting opportunities for research and instructions.

Core Values

Committed to pursue higher standards in all academic, co-curricular, extra-curricular activities and administration.

Technology integrated education:
To meet the challenges of rapidly changing technological environment of the world by integrating ICT into classroom, laboratory and library.

Research Collaboration:
Establish state-of-the-art facilities for research and harness on the linkages with national/international institutions.

Social Responsibility:
Inculcate values among the students for good citizenry contributing to national development.

Diversity and Equal Opportunity:
Provision of equal opportunity for one and all, by offering an environment for diversity of thought, ideology and approach.

Organizational Structure


Rules & Regulations

Discipline is the integral part of education and hence our top most priority is discipline.

Every Student shall wear clean suitable and presentable clothing.

Representations, complaints and grievances, if any, may be informed to the principal through the staff-in-charge of students’ welfare.

The College authorities will not own responsibilities for the costly jewels worn by the students. Students should attend all terminals and model examinations without fail.

Attendance is taken at every lecture and practical classes.

No Students will be allowed to take active part in any political activity, directly or indirectly, associated with anti-social activity with the aim of violence.

Every student should wear the identity card every day.

Every student must obtain college identity card within a month from the date of admission otherwise he /she will be subhected to penalty of Rs. 50.

Students are strictly prohibited to smoke consume drug, narcotics, tobacco, Gutka, in college premises, Not only this, but if a student, is found in possession of narcotics and drugd, he will be liable for punishment under the Mumbai Police Acr, 1951.

Use of cell phones is strictly prohibited within the campus.

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